PSO Volunteers Make Pasco a Better Place to Live, Work and Play

Pasco Sheriff’s Office is more than deputies and civilian members. PSO is also proud of the work of our dedicated and diversely-skilled volunteers. In honor of National Volunteer Month this April, PSO is highlighting the work of these venerated volunteers, who dedicate their time to the citizens of Pasco County, making it a better place for all to live, work and enjoy. Volunteers not only assist deputies, but units across the agency. They have a positive impact on Pasco County and allow PSO to better serve their citizens.

Volunteering with PSO is also a great way to share valuable skills while giving back to our community. Additionally, this embodies PSO’s motto, “We Fight As One.” PSO volunteer units often assist in community engagements and events. Volunteers are trained in their areas of interest. PSO volunteers help in a myriad of ways, including the recovery of missing individuals, during emergency situations such as natural disasters, and in everyday situations like assisting PSO’s patrol deputies. Learn more about a few of PSO’s volunteer units below!

Citizen Service Unit volunteers are vital to PSO’s operations by assisting with non-emergency calls that do not require law enforcement or a regulatory authority. CSU volunteers use their skills to conduct traffic control, provide crime scene and search assistance, conduct parking enforcement and community patrols. These members help patrol deputies with many non-emergency tasks, which allows deputies to focus on more critical calls-for-service.

Volunteer Jeep Search and Rescue Unit responds to a variety of situations, including natural disasters. All members of this team receive training with the Emergency Operations Center and FEMA to prepare them to respond to emergencies.

Mounted Posse volunteers with PSO attend community events to connect with the community and listen to citizens about what’s going on in their area. This unit also conducts community patrols as a crime deterrent. The Mounted Posse has additionally assisted with search and rescue efforts across the county.

Pasco Safety Town is a child-sized town dedicated to children’s safety. Safety Town volunteers welcome some of Pasco County’s youngest citizens to learn about different aspects of safety and being good citizens. Volunteers provide educational tours, teaching safety information in a fun and interactive way.

Community Response Unit is ready to assist when disaster strikes. CRU volunteers provide relief and support following catastrophic events, such as hurricanes. CRU seeks volunteers with skills, experience or equipment available to help with emergency relief and post-disaster activities.

Volunteer positions are available in units throughout PSO for those seeking to make a difference in their community. In addition to specific units comprised of volunteers, volunteers support PSO members by providing assistance with clerical duties and office work. They also assist units such as Victim Advocations, Records, Chaplain Service, Parking Enforcement and more. While many PSO volunteers are simply looking to give back or help their community, volunteers also gain valuable experience and build skills, which can be used in future careers. PSO’s motto, “We Fight As One,” is embodied by volunteers that work toward making the place they live a better county for all. 

If you’re ready to make a difference in Pasco County, visit today to learn more about PSO’s volunteer opportunities and to apply.

Prospective volunteers must undergo a background check and fingerprinting. Volunteers do not receive any salary or benefits, but are covered by worker’s compensation. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, identity, national origin, disability or protected Veteran status. For telecommunication, dial 711 then provide TTY operator with our phone number: 727-844-7791.

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