PSO Recognizes National Forensic Sciences Week 2023

National Forensic Sciences Week recognizes the value forensic investigations provide to law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Pasco Sheriff’s Office is celebrating our diverse Forensic Science entities within our agency including PSO’s Forensic Services Section, PSO’s F1RST (Florida’s Institute for Research, Security and Tactics) and PSO’s Explorer Post 916 Forensic Branch. The field of forensics draws on many different sciences to help bring closure to victims or their families. Forensic professionals collect, catalog and identify evidence from every scene, knowing each item is a valuable piece of truth.

PSO’s Forensic Services Section assists with investigating a variety of crimes each day, from burglaries to homicides. The work of these members is done strictly with a goal of finding truth through evidence. Every investigator is dedicated to the proper collection and preservation of evidence. Through an array of techniques, from evidence collection in traditional settings, to finding ways to adapt to unique climates and landscapes, forensic investigators find ways to examine and report valuable evidence. PSO Forensic Services Section uses skills and specialities such as:

  • Crime scene documentation and reconstruction
  • Specialized photography
  • Latent print processing, comparison and identification
  • DNA collection
  • Blood pattern analysis

Adding to their skills, many members of the Forensics Services investigators take part in specialty teams, including the Missing & Abducted Children Team, Critical Incident Stress Management Team and the Underwater Recovery Team and more.

PSO’s F1RST provides a more research-focused approach to the forensics field. While working alongside investigators on real cases, the applications learned through the research done at F1RST can be applied in the field. F1RST also includes an in-house forensic anthropologist, who often joins PSO investigators on cases, working to identify those whose remains were discovered in a variety of cases. This resource helps bring closure to victims and their loved ones. Additionally, the facilities at F1RST provide ideal environments for researchers, investigators, crime scene technicians, and other practitioners to develop new methods and strategies for critical steps in the investigative process.

For young adults between the ages of 14 and 21, interested in forensics, PSO’s Explorer Post 916 is proud to offer an innovative new forensics branch introducing younger members of our community to forensics sciences within law enforcement. This program offers a science-based look at forensic roles, outside of what is traditionally thought of as a responsibility of a law enforcement officer. Forensic Explorers get to experience hands-on learning through unique scenarios taught by PSO’s own forensic investigators. They also hear from guest speakers from PSO’s F1RST and others.

PSO is proud to highlight the work of our varied and valued forensic members this National Forensic Sciences Week. These members work diligently on their casework and research, while also inspiring the next generation of forensic investigators. PSO values the thorough and professional work from our forensics professionals, who diligently uphold integrity for the truth through evidence.

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