Keep Students Safe Throughout the School Year

Pasco County schools are back in session soon and Pasco Sheriff’s Office reminds our community that student safety is everyone’s responsibility. With the new school year, our community will see more traffic, school buses, bike riders and pedestrians commuting to and from school. As such, PSO reminds citizens of ways in which they can help protect our students and community throughout the school year.

No matter how you travel, reduce distractions to prioritize everyone’s safety. Eliminate disturbances, such as phones, while traveling, especially in school zones. Follow posted speed limits, which are reduced in school zones, and obey traffic laws and directions. Pedestrians should always cross at crosswalks, where drivers expect pedestrians to cross. Wait for the Crossing Guard or signal to indicate it’s safe to cross. Bicyclists should always wear a helmet, and dismount and walk their bicycles within the crosswalk to cross the street. When it comes to school buses, take time to review Florida’s school bus laws. Passing a stopped school bus can result in tragedy, so it’s imperative for drivers to obey a bus’s lights and signals. Staying alert is something everyone can do to keep our communities and students safe.

PSO is dedicated to promoting a positive learning environment that is safe for all. Students can help maintain safe learning environments at school by reporting any unsafe behavior. PSO investigates all threats we are made aware of, and threats have consequences, even if they are fake. Students should immediately report any threats or suspicious incidents to law enforcement. Don’t spread or share online content that appears to be a threat. To report a threat or suspicious incident, call the Pasco County Non-Emergency Line at 727-847-8102, option 7. Additionally, students can report suspicious activity or threats to a SRO or school official. 

Always Stop for School Buses

Recognizing and reporting suspicious activity can help keep schools safe. Pay attention to the people near you and report suspicious or criminal behavior. By providing information early, you can help prevent harm to others. Note what behavior was suspicious, when it occurred and any identifying information on the person. If you are in danger or witness an emergency, call 911 immediately. Early reporting provides important information that can stop or solve a crime and even the smallest tips can greatly aid an investigation.

School Crossing Guard

The start of a new school year is also a great time for parents and guardians to have open discussions with students about safe and appropriate online behavior. Conversations regarding online dangers can protect students while connecting online. Learn what websites and mobile apps students are using, and consider downloading and becoming familiar with them. Also consider implementing parental controls when they’re available. Ask questions about who students are talking to online, and discuss with students the lasting impact that sharing personal information online can have. Set all accounts to private, disable location sharing settings and never accept message or friend requests from those you don’t personally know. Parents and guardians are encouraged to review PSO’s list of common apps and the dangers they present. 

PSO’s school-based members, such as School Resource Officer, Crossing Guards and Traffic Control Officers, work hard to keep schools secure year-round, including summer training to hone skills to keep students and faculty safe. SROs ensure schools are secure and supportive of a healthy learning environment. SROs also provide guidance and mentorship for students by serving as coaches, club leaders and more. School Crossing Guards and Traffic Control Officers ensure students and families get to and from schools safely when crossing busy streets. SCGs and TCOs are part-time positions, and openings are available at several locations throughout Pasco County. Visit for more information or to apply. Making sure  students are safe is PSO’s priority, and a true community effort!

While school safety is a top priority for PSO all year long, PSO reminds our community that school will be back in session soon. Keeping students, families and schools protected is everyone’s responsibility, and following these important school safety tips can keep our community safe. Pasco Sheriff’s Office wishes students, school staff and families a safe school year! 

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