New Additions to PSO’s Multi-Skilled K-9 Unit!

Pasco Sheriff’s Office is thrilled to announce new additions to our multi-skilled K-9 unit! With over 50 K-9s, PSO has one of the largest K-9 units amongst Florida law enforcement agencies. From helping to locate those that are missing to finding critical evidence in crimes, these dedicated members help return deputies to service faster, allowing them to get back to other calls for service. A K-9’s incredible sense of smell allows them to locate people or evidence much faster than humans searching on their own.

This newest group of dogs is diversely skilled, with specialties ranging from patrol work to human remains detection to weapons detection, which is a new specialty for PSO K-9s. These dogs will help bring closure to victims and their families, assist in recovery of missing persons and help keep dangerous narcotics off of Pasco County streets. 

Learn more about this incredible new class of K-9s at PSO here:

K-9 AJ and Dep. Justin Case

K-9 AJ is a Belgian Malinois cross born in England on Oct. 22, 2021. K-9 AJ is certified in patrol work and is also a SWAT K-9 who began working with PSO in Feb. 2023. When working, K-9 AJ is calm in the car but once outside, is full of energy and always wants to do more. While at home, K-9 AJ is just part of the family. He enjoys playing tug with his brother and sleeping on his back. The funds to purchase and train K-9 AJ were generously donated by a Pasco County citizen, who also selected his name. K-9 AJ’s partner is Dep. Justin Case.

K-9 Crews and Dep. Brittany Leyton

K-9 Crews is a Golden Retriever certified in human remains detection. He was born Aug. 29, 2022 in New York. While Crews began training with PSO as a puppy in November 2022, he became certified in November 2023. Crews is happy and confident when he’s learning or working. Crews loves any and all treats, belly rubs and his Kong toy in particular. He’s excited to work and shows his excitement by jumping higher than his partner’s head repeatedly. K-9 Crews’ partner is Dep. Brittany Leyton, whose current partner, K-9 Phi is set to retire later this year.

K-9 Drake

K-9 Drake is a Golden Retriever born in New York on Aug. 31, 2022. At only 12 weeks old, his partner selected him from a litter of puppies. Drake began working as a human remains detection K-9 in November 2023. He is a very focused, energetic and an independent worker. At home, K-9 Drake loves to play and enjoys a good game of fetch with his tug toy. K-9 Drake is partnered with Senior K-9 Training Analyst Deana Hudgins, who trains many of PSO’s K-9 teams.

K-9 Gamble and Cpl. Nick Carmack

K-9 Gamble is a Belgian Malinois/Bullmastiff cross certified in patrol work. K-9 Gamble was born on Jan. 20, 2022 in Ft. Myers, FL. He began going to work alongside his handler, and his handler’s now retired K-9 partner, at just eight weeks old in March 2022. K-9 Gamble is very focused, clear headed and works fast. K-9 Gamble is a big chewer, chewing everything from his favorite treat of carrots, to his partner’s door frames at home. K-9 Gamble will also become certified in narcotics detection in 2024. K-9 Gamble was generously donated by Apex K-9 in Ft. Myers, FL. K-9 Gamble’s partner, Cpl. Nick Carmack, is a familiar face to PSO’s K-9 unit, as his previous partner K-9 Shep retired in 2023. 

K-9 Nate and Dep. Mark Pini

K-9 Nate is a German Shepherd certified in patrol work. He was born in Hungary on July 21, 2021 and began working for PSO in Sept. 2023. K-9 Nate will work toward a narcotics certification in 2024 as well. K-9 Nate is a highly energetic dog who is extremely enthusiastic while working and training. He is always on the move and has endless energy to protect the citizens of Pasco County. The funds to purchase and train K-9 Nate were generously donated by a Pasco County citizen. K-9 Nate is named after U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Nathan Ross Chapman, a member of the 1st Special Forces Group, who was the first American soldier killed by enemy action in the War in Afghanistan on Jan. 4, 2002. K-9 Nate’s partner is Dep. Mark Pini, whose other K-9 partner, K-9 Yogi is set to retire later this year.

K-9 Scout and Dep. Adam Tellier

K-9 Scout is a Labrador Retriever born Nov. 7, 2022 in Tampa, FL. He’s certified in weapons detection as of November 2023 and is part of the Highway Interdiction Team. Scout is the first weapons detection K-9 at PSO, and he uses this skill to help deputies find dangerous weapons used in crimes. Scout is capable of finding guns or parts of guns, including ammunition and spent casings, which can be critical evidence in solving cases. Scout is full of energy whether at home or at work. K-9 Scout’s partner Dep. Adam Tellier, who has another K-9 partner on the Highway Interdiction Team, K-9 Flash, a narcotics detection K-9.

Congrats to the new K-9 teams on their recent certifications. We look forward to the important work you’ll do in service to the citizens of Pasco County.

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