Pasco Deputies Help Rescue Dolphin

The mission of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office’s Maritime Operations Unit is to make sure all are safe on the water. On May 10, MAROPS corporals were called to assist a different resident: a dolphin calf that was days or hours old, alone and in distress. An off-duty PSO deputy was fishing off the coast of Hudson when he discovered the tiny dolphin swimming in circles and struggling to get above water to breathe. He contacted PSO’s MAROPS, who responded and took the dolphin about 30 minutes south to Clearwater by boat to meet Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Ultimately, the young dolphin was transferred to the care of SeaWorld Rescue by Clearwater Marine Aquarium. SeaWorld Rescue says that while the male dolphin is still in critical condition, he is showing signs of improvement and swimming on his own.

*Language Warning*

We’re proud of the swift actions of our deputies, both on and off duty. The video here shows PSO deputies responding and transporting the dolphin, before he’s transferred to the care of Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

If you come across an animal in distress, notify the proper authority immediately and keep an eye on the animal from a distance to help responders locate it.

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