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Protection in the digital world is a growing concern for not only ourselves but our families. We use the internet everyday multiple times a day, and we’re sharing a lot of information while online. Just like protecting your home, digital security is important to prevent online hacks and attacks. Proper security and protection, is one of the best defense methods against online scams or fraud is your online devices’. Safeguarding your computer for intrusions can potentially stop harmful software from attempting to collect your personal information for cybercrimes or identity fraud. Pasco Sheriff’s Office wants to share proactive internet habits to protect you and your devices from intrusion before falling victim.

Ensure your firewall is always turned on for your computer. Your firewall protects your device from hackers who may attempt to gain access, delete or steal information, obtain your passwords or other sensitive information or even crash your machine. Some computers include prepackaged firewalls within their operating system, while other devices could require additional purchased software. Research your computer to see what is recommended for your machine.

Secondly, install antivirus software for your device to prevent malicious software from attacking and embedding on your device. When antivirus software detects any malicious code, the software will disarm and remove all threats and notify you. Although viruses may infect computers without users’ knowledge, antivirus software is crucial in catching any threats before damage occurs. In addition, most antivirus software is programmed to update automatically, but always ensure yours is current.

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Installing available updates for both your operating system and anti-spyware technology is a great step in ensuring your information stays safe. Spyware is software secretly installed on your computer, allowing others to review your activity on the device. Avoid online advertisements offering free anti-spyware, as these can be ploys to steal your information.

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Be mindful of what you download. Never open an email, click a link or open an attached file within an email from someone you don’t know or aren’t expecting, and always be cautious of all forwarded attachments. Often, spam emails are another tactic someone could use to obtain your information.

Always turn off your computer when you’re not using it. Leaving your computer on or in sleep mode leave them open to potentially attacks. Turning your device off every time goes a long way in keeping you safe from hackers.

Securing your computers and other devices can play a crucial role in protecting your safety online. Cybercrime and online fraud may happen quickly, however, you have the power to prevent hacks and attacks.

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