K-9 Hela & Partner Cpl. Rux Retire

Pasco Sheriff’s Office wishes a happy and healthy retirement to two of our members today: K-9 Hela and her partner, Cpl. Rux!

Cpl. Rux has enjoyed a long career with PSO and in particular, the K-9 unit. He started in patrol in July 1996 and became a K-9 handler in March 1998. Cpl. Rux worked with four K-9 partners during his career: K-9 Emir (patrol work), K-9 Sam (patrol work and narcotics detection), K-9 Thor (patrol work and narcotics detection) and his current partner, K-9 Hela. During his career as a handler, he and his partners located over 800 missing people or suspects. Cpl. Rux became PSO’s K-9 trainer in 2004 and has trained 118 K-9 teams in patrol and narcotics detection for 11 different agencies, ensuring that his legacy will live on after retirement.

K-9 Hela, who has the honor of being the first Golden Retriever to be employed at PSO, has served Pasco citizens since April 2018. The 6-year-old is a narcotics detection K-9 responsible for helping remove dangerous drugs from our community. K-9 Hela’s name comes from Norse mythology in which Hela was the sister of Thor and is a nod to Cpl. Rux’s previous K-9 partner.

PSO thanks Cpl. Rux and K-9 Hela for their many years of dedicated service to Pasco County and beyond, and wishes them well in their retirement adventures!

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