Community Alert: Sexual Battery with a Juvenile Victim

Matthew Galhouse, 40

Pasco Sheriff’s Office arrested a softball coach for the Lady Hawks club softball team today for several crimes related to sex with minors. Matthew Galhouse, 40, was arrested for Sexual Battery with a Victim between 12 and 18, Sexual Activity with a Suspect over 24 and a Victim aged 16/17, Promoting Sexual Activity with a Victim 16 years or Younger, Traveling to Meet a Minor and Stalking, after engaging in illegal activities with a victim who was a member of the softball team. 

PSO began an investigation into Galhouse after a victim reported the illegal acts to PSO on Aug. 17. Beginning around late May 2023, Galhouse spent time with the victim and sent messages to the victim through social media which detailed his affection. Galhouse also began meeting with the victim under the guise of providing private softball lessons.

To be clear, Galhouse is not employed at any school in Pasco County, and has been employed at the Lady Hawks softball team since approximately 2018. Galhouse resides in Tampa. 

There are no reports of additional victims at this time, however, if you or a loved one may be a victim, contact the PSO Crime Tips Line at 1-800-706-2488, or report tips online at

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